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How Hammer Thinks

Serious Endurance Athletes know that knowledge is power.  This area of our site contains information on endurance fuels, supplements, diet, and much much more – all to help you with your endurance training and racing.  We want you to get faster, stronger, and healthier by being better informed.

While reading this information, please keep in mind that all views expressed will always be biased in favor of eating a healthy diet, hard training that emphasizes quality over quantity, and prudent supplementation to improve health and performance. But above all, we  believe there are no short cuts, and success can only come from hard work.

Essential Knowledge

On Course Nutrition


On course nutrition for BBTR22 is Hammer Nutrition. We would like to thank Hammer Nutrition for being on-board with BBTR for 3 years. 

Available on course:

  • Endurolyes Fizz (flavor  varies)

  • Gels have been placed in race bags (some on course)

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