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WHAT CAN I DO while waiting for my runner/s

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If you want to help out to pass the time while your runners out racing, why not volunteer. We have something for everyone.

You could do any of these roles

  • Help out at a Check Point (see your runner on course)

  • Help out at the race hub


Jobs could include:

  • Handing out finishers medals as they cross the finish line

  • Help the runners with food, water, fill bottles

  • so much more

Volunteers help change a runners experience. They may be feeling low and a cheering volunteer, who helps them and lights the spark in them, can make the difference to their race. 

There are lots of roles available. Every volunteer will receive a volunteers shirt.  Roster will be open closer to the event.


We encourage you to post on Instagram and Facebook during the event to let family and friends know how your runner/s are going.

Please tag #BBTR, #bottlebuttbashtrailrun 

We will also put posts up during the event.

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