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Must carry your Mandatory Gear

Mandatory Gear

Online Gear Checks

Option 1:

On-Line Gear Check. Not available after 7th April

Click on the distance your in and fill out the form and submit your photos to get them checked.

Once you have passed, you will receive a confirmation certificate that you have passed your gear check.

BBTR 10km Staged Gear Check.png
BBTR 21.1km Staged Gear Check.png
BBTR 42.2km Staged Gear Check.png

Mandatory Gear Check Options

All  competitors need to have their mandatory gear checked before they can receive their race pack at race


There are two options for getting your gear checked:


Option 1:

 On-Line Gear Check. Not available after 7th April

Option 2:


Have your gear checked at race check-in immediately prior to collecting your race pack. This is the least preferable option as it can make your race check-in take much longer.


Saturday: 4-6pm [27/35 Merrigal Road, Port Macquarie] must show gear

Sunday 5.30am up to 30 mins before your race start [at race hub] must show gear 




If you did not collect your bib on Saturday, you must do the following when you arrive on race morning:


  • Merch Table: Pick up any gear you have purchased with entry. You will also be able to purchase mandatory gear and event shirts.

Once you have picked up mandatory gear, make your way to mandatory gear check tables to get your gear checked.

[visa / eftpos available / cash]

  • Mandatory Gear Check table: At race check-in you will need to do a mandatory gear check [YES you must bring all your mandatory gear to be sighted to complete your gear check if you have not done and passed a on-line mandatory gear check]. Once you have done your mandatory gear check you will be given a GREEN wrist band to wear and then asked to go to the check-in table.


  • Check-in: You then make your way to the check-in table to collect your bib. If you did not have a GREEN wrist band , you will not get your bib until you receive one from the mandatory gear table.

You will then receive your race bag which will include the following.



1. Race Number [Bib Tag]: Your race number must always be visible on the outside of your clothing and on the front of your body. It must not be worn on your pants or leg. Do not cover over your race number with any backpack strap or article of clothing such as thermal top, waterproof jacket [including see-through jackets] or high-visibility vest. Do not fold, bend, your race number. It must be worn as is. Consider using a race belt to attach your number to.

[We do not supply pins for your bib]


2. Runners Emergency Instructions: In case of an emergency, please ring the numbers on the back of your bib. DO NOT ring your partner/family/support crew and ask them to talk to the race director or first aid. The runner MUST follow the instructions on the back of bib and contact one of these numbers.


3. If you are receiving a shirt, it will be in your race bag. Shirt sizes cannot be changed sorry, unless we have a spares, they were custom ordered as per the size you all recorded at registration.


Drop bags are to be left at the Start/Finish HQ  aid station tent.

​The mandatory gear required to carry may change  if weather conditions are very cold or wet. 

This decision can be made by the race director at any time.


Please note we will not post any items left behind, it is your responsibility to collect them before 3pm Sunday. 

Mandatory Gear


For all distances - 42.2km, 21.1km, 10km

Mandatory Gear you must carry at all times:

  • Mobile Phone ( for photos and to call us if you need us )

  • Whistle

  • Water Bottles or Bladders (capacity to carry 2 Litres of water)

  • Compression Bandage (Minimum Dimensions 7.5cm Wide x 2.3m Long Unstretched)

  • Emergency Space Blanket 

  • Collapsible Cup or extra Soft Flask ( there are NO cups on course)( Additional to fluid capacity)

Recommended Gear ( Depending on Conditions)

  • Long Sleeve Synthetic Fleece Top

  • Waterproof and Breathable Jacket with Fully Taped.

  • Beanie or Buff.

  • Full-Fingered Lightweight Thermal Gloves (Polypropylene, Wool)

The mandatory gear required to carry may change  if weather conditions are very cold or wet. 

This decision can be made by the Race Director at any time.

Recommended Gear Samples

Rain Jacket sample.png
100 weight fleece.jpg
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